Professional square dance caller.

Greg, and former wife Rosie, graduated square dance lessons in 1979 with the
Swinging Squares of Kansas City, Missouri, caller Dick Naudet. Because of a quick
friendship with Mr. Naudet, Greg was starting to write choreography before
graduation from dance lessons.
Greg started his calling career shortly after graduation, from square dance class, at
an amateur caller’s night and he was hooked on calling. Greg had always had a
passion for puzzles and chess and found the choreography fascinating.

Greg was employed at Ford Motor Company for 33 years as a production worker. He
attributes his calling in part to Ford and the ability to see body flow of the dancers
and the body flow required to work on an assembly line. In translation, countless
hours of production line work of right and left meant rehearsal time for Greg’s
choreography. Greg retired from Ford in July of 2006.

Greg has called in and around Kansas City for thirty years. He has been club caller for
the Tea Cup Squares, Greg’s Gang, and Top Railers and has traveled over the mid-
west calling club dances and festivals.  Greg has also been working in his accreditation
from Callerlab for Caller Coach.

Greg is well known in the mid-West for his smile and fun loving personality. His
flowing and creative choreography coupled with the different styles of music always
seems to make for a fun evening of dancing.